Interim Management is a strong alternative to hiring the management consultant or the traditional recruitment …….


Benefits of hiring an interim manager:

  • SPECIFIC EXPERTISE– If your business lacks specialised skills for specific tasks, you can hire the most suitable professional freelancer for that onetime job. You don’t employ somebody you will not need once the assignment is completed.
  • COSTS SAVINGS– you do not need to spend time hiring and training the permanent staff nor engage exhorbitantly expensive consultants. You need the staff for 3 months? – no problem he comes, does the work and leaves at the agreed time,
  • AVAILABILITY & SWIFT DELIVERY– freelancers are motivated to do an excellent job quickly. It’s in their best interest to exceed your expectations. They do not spend time on office politics or endless no-agenda meetings,
  • QUICK RESULTS & ADDED VALUE– frequently interim managers are over-qualified, which is very positive, as this enables them to step-in quickly and understand the challenges, so the assessment period is very short. On top of that, Interim managers have no problems in mentoring your staff as well as passing project knowledge to the future process executors,
  • INDEPENDENCE – if they find a serious issue in your company, you will hear about it. As outsiders they have no problems expressing the opinions, which can be difficult for internal staff,
  • EXPERIENCE– interim managers accumulate experience from working with a variety of different businesses in diverse locations. Each client or project adds more experience and skills to their evergrowing arsenal. Your business benefits from all that vast experience.


source: InterimManagement.com